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Welcome Message from the Vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Library Affairs Unit of Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences Library.

The Library Affairs Unit would like to support you in your study, teaching, and research. More importantly, the College Library Affairs Unit is your partner in the learning process at the College by developing and providing library resources, information, services, and incorporating traditional and contemporary ways.

In today’s knowledge-based society, the College Library Affairs Unit has been working to enhance its up-to-date library resources and services by converting its traditional services into an integrated library management system. Since its establishment, we are committed to providing you access to relevant and useful library resources, information, services, and an enabling environment to support educational needs and cutting-edge research.

We invite you to explore our website that offers useful digital databases with thousands of periodicals, books, reports, and full-text university thesis to familiarize yourselves with our library resources. In addition, we are offering orientation on utilizing online with our Integrated Library Management System-Koha, printing, photocopying, scanning services, and inter-library loan.

The College Library Affairs Unit continually works to enhance the development of its services, mutual understanding, and collaborations with other academic institutions. We aim to provide you with the best possible library services we could offer. We look forward to your regular visit.

We hope that you will thoroughly benefit from the library resources and information we provided and that you will find success in a fulfilling academic year at the Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Lamia’a H. Al-Jamea

Vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research

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